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Our mission is to promote practices and restoration projects in the Upper Feather River Watershed that protect and improve water quality and quantity for state-defined beneficial uses of water, and aquatic, riparian, and meadow habitats.

Since 1985 the Feather River Coordinated Resource Management (FRCRM) partnership, through the leadership of Plumas Corporation, has implemented over 122 projects, including studies and assessments, stream restoration, monitoring, resource management plans, strategic planning, community outreach and educational activities.  Over 51 miles of stream and 4,400 acres of meadow and floodplain habitat within the Upper Feather River watershed have been treated. 

In 2014, the FRCRM re-organized into the Upper Feather River Roundtable. In response to changing conditions and needs, it was timely that the FRCRM restructure to a simpler, more focused organizational makeup and program objective. Recognizing that there is a continuing need for watershed improvement with regard to water quality, quantity, and aquatic habitat, the Roundtable was established with the following program objectives and desired accomplishments: 

  • Protect local water sources within the Upper Feather River Watershed to maximize availability for defined beneficial uses
  • Identify restoration needs and opportunities, and support implementation of projects that improve water quality, quantity, and aquatic habitat
  • Inform watershed stakeholders, practitioners, and managers within the Upper Feather River Watershed regarding stream and habitat protection and improvement efforts
  • Promote continued operation of the stream monitoring network established by FRCRM to evaluate watershed condition and performance of past projects
  • Advise and support efforts to evaluate the performance of past restoration projects
  • Transfer technical experience and expertise associated with stream and habitat improvement and protection efforts to others, both within and outside the Upper Feather River Watershed
  • Assist project applicants and private landowners in compliance with regulatory permitting for new restoration projects
  • Coordinate and compliment efforts on public lands with protections and improvements occurring on private lands
  • Work within the Feather River IRWM program to promote the interests of stream, meadow, and habitat improvement throughout the watershed


Unlike FRCRM, the Roundtable organization is not in itself a project implementation entity. Funding, implementation, and maintenance responsibilities for watershed improvement or protection projects are the responsibility of the individual participating agencies, individuals or organizations. The Roundtable will encourage landowner participation with the local Resource Conservation Districts in the watershed and will advise the Upper Feather River Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) program per the governance process established by the local IRWM.